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Regional Library Services (WOHKN): Patient Information

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Research Help?

Have a topic in mind but not a specific journal? Check out All Databases and complete a keyword search using an appropriate database.

No time to do research yourself?  Request a literature search, which will be completed by a professional librarian. 

Need training on how to do research yourself?  Contact the librarian for individual or group sessions!

Want to receive updates when your favourite journals publish new issues? Check out the Current Awareness page.

Information for your patients/clients

The following links offer consumer health information, written for the patient/caregiver. 

Please note that plain language and readability is an important part of health literacy and patients/caregivers understanding their diagnosis/treatment.  Please review materials with the patient/caregiver to ensure that they understand what is being given to them.

Check out these resources to find out more information on Health Literacy:

CommunicateHealth. (2014, May 15). Readability and plain language and health literacy - oh my! Retrieved December 28, 2018, from

Let's make our health system healthier. (n.d.). Patient Partnering. Retrieved December 28, 2018, from


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