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OpenAthens is an authentication system that provides offsite access to the library's online resources via single sign-on. The library's online resources are IP address authenticated, which means you can automatically access them from any device that is connected to your hospital network without entering a username or password. IP address authentication does not work when you are offsite. When you are offsite, you must log in to your OpenAthens account to access the library's online resources. 

To qualify for an OpenAthens account, you must be affiliated with Woodstock Hospital or one of its regional partners. The easiest way to demonstrate your affiliation is by providing a valid email address from one of the following organizations:

  • Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance, Norfolk General Hospital, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, West Haldimand General Hospital, or Woodstock Hospital  

If you are affiliated with the Regional Library Service and need offsite access to the library's online resources, please complete the following form to self-register for an OpenAthens account:

You will receive an account authentication email with further instructions shortly after you submit the self-registration form. If you self-register from a device that is connected to your hospital network and/or provide a work email address, the system will automatically authenticate your account. Otherwise, the librarian will manually verify your request. If you do not receive an account authentication email within 24 hours, please email

Once you activate your OpenAthens account, click any of the links to the library's online resources, which can be found throughout this website. Then sign in to your OpenAthens account when prompted. You should only be prompted to sign in once per session.

For complete instructions, refer to the OpenAthens User Guide below.  


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